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Shade's first day at school

Shade, The Changing Girl (2016-) #2 - Cecil Castellucci, Asher Powell, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Becky Cloonan, Marley Zarcone, Ande Parks, Mirka Andolfo

It's Shade's first day at school in Megan's body and that's about the whole issue.   On her home planet, they've discovered the theft of the M-Vest and are trying to trail Loma's boyfriend, who they're sure has knowledge of what happened to the M-Vest. 


It's not the most action-filled issue, but there's a quietness here that makes up for that lack.   It's more subtle: it's about more than simply a day at school and is, in fact, about what one does without the full memories of the body she's inhabiting.   Can Shade be Megan without knowing who Megan was?


It's about how cliques form and what happens when you're the one being picked on, and of course, it's more complicated than that.   Shade-in-Megan's body is shunned, but she was also vicious to everyone around her before.   They have good reason for shunning her, which Shade isn't aware of yet. 


It's all complicated, almost to the point of being hallucinatory.   Which makes the almost-hallucinatory visuals match up perfectly.  


Onto issue three, which was the last one published - and the last one int his sale.   So far, Young Animals is brilliant.  I may go back and pick up some Mother Panic for a couple bucks, to be honest.