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Champions (2019-) #3
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Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix-Up #1 (Gwenpool, The Unbelievable (2016-)) - Christopher Hastings, Ryan North, Nick Kocher, Karla Pacheco, Chynna Flores, Chynna Flores, Myisha Haynes, Nate Stockman, Various, Salvador Espin

The only thing funnier than Pantsgiving... no, wait, there's a lot.   Like the fact that only Punisher understands the true meaning of Pantsgiving and has to school everyone on the fact that it's someone loving you enough to be them a stupid gift of hot pants that they don't need - especially on a particularly chilling Pantsgiving - and you loving them back enough to look like an idiot wearing those hot pants. 


Or the fact that Ronnie appears to be dating Fing Fang Foom who is willing to terrorize a city to make sure people wear hot pants so they buy them from her so her business survives since it relies on Pantsgiving.   


Or the fact that Santa has been replaced by Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds.   (Although the whole insatiable hunger does explain why everyone stuffs them on Christmas, so y'know, that actually fit quite well when they pointed it out in the comic.)


I was laughing out loud.   So much!  Love, love, love!


I do wish Marvel would at least be honest.   Even though Deadpool shoehorns in a Halloween story, saying he doesn't care it just says Holiday and he's gonna do it because this is a special story about Halloween so he's going to tell it, there's no denying this is a Christmas story.