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Really enjoyed this!

The Accused (2016) #1 - Garry Brown, Marc Guggenheim, Ramón F. Bachs, David Mack

I feel like I lost out a little on this: I didn't really know what was going on in Civil War II, but I had heard about Hulk - or I should say Banner - dying earlier on and I wasn't surprised by that.   I didn't realize that Hawkeye had killed Banner for a while, and it was not quite a surprise either.   


I also knew that this was about Matt Murdock prosecuting Hawkeye, but I didn't realize why there was such a push to get him convicted.   It was actually clever, and a good way to utilize Daredevil as well.   When he realizes that the whole trial is being rigged, he investigates as DD, and does something to make sure that Clint Barton gets a fair trial. 


It's got more heart than I expected from a Civil War II tie-in.  In fact, I think it's one of the only ones that I've truly enjoyed.   (I did like some in the regular series I was reading, but I'm talking about something written particularly for Civil War II.)


It's about what's right and wrong and how much you'll let slide to keep yourself safe.   Matt ends up putting himself on the line to do what's right, and he tells Barton he has no regrets at the end.  That pretty much sums him up right there, though. 


I bought this on sale, and only because it was DD heavy.   I thought I'd regret that dollar I spent, but I did not.  Not at all.


It was still a bit too heavy on Civil War II to be a five star read, but overall, love.   Four star seems right: not an all-time favorite but y'know.   And I give Marvel comics five stars like I was giving out candy to children at Halloween so, y'know.   Yeah, not quite five, but close.