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Champions (2019-) #3
Jim Zub, Jacinto Benavente

Cyclops' legacy...

All-New X-Men (2015-) #2 - Dennis Hopeless, Mark Bagley

It's something the younger version of Scott Summers doesn't want, or want to deal with on any level.   It's all awful: the world is broken and hateful, especially to mutants now, and it's all his fault.   He watched his older self cross over so many lines, have some kind of psychotic break, and boy, did he take the world down with him!   


Scott's stuck in this hellish future, knowing what a damaged person he will turn out to be, and unable to change any of it at all.   It's terribly unfair to hm, but he deals with it by trying to be someone else, trying to bury his rage at the unfairness of it all, and staying away from his friends because he says they see his older self when they look at him. 


It doesn't help that there are people who look to Scott as a hero.  People that this younger version of Cyclops calls idiots, freely.   The Ghosts of Cyclops put on Cyke masks and cause terror in his name.   It's nothing Scott wants, and when he sees this happen in front of his eyes, he ends up fighting 'his' ghosts.   


Which lands him in jail.  


And that ending is some kind of messed up right there.   The ghosts come to plan a jailbreak.   No one messes with even one ghost.   


I wonder how Scott will react since and this ghost are in the same cell.   I wonder if any of the other ghosts will believe he's Cyke, or at least a younger version.   


I'm going to find out tomorrow.  Gonna pack it in and call it a night, but I've made a good start on my weekend reading.