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Single-issue comic bingo blackout


1. The Fox #4 (variant cover)

2. Adventures of Spawn #2 (non-canon comic)

3. Captain America FCBD 2016 (heard someone arguing about)

4. Ultimates #1 (back issue)

5. Powers: Bureau #10 (award-winning)

6. All-New X-Men #1 (#1 in a series)

7. Deadpool #13 (crossover)

8. Emma Frost #1 (local comic)

9. Civil War II FCBD (FCBD)

10. Spidey #1 (serious retcon)

11. All-New Wolvie #2 (would have liked as a kid)

12. Spider-Gwen #9 (set in AU)

13.  Black Knight #1 (free space)

14. Lumberjanes #9 (indie)

15. Strawberry Shortcake #0 FCBD 2016 (bottom of TBR pile)

16. Spawn #42 (Canadian author/artist)

17. Deadpool #14 (comic known for humor)

18. 'Bots of Science (one shot)

19. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (woman author/artist)

20. Uncanny Inhumans #10 (time travel)

21. A-Force #1 (comic from a rebooted series)

22. Hercules #1 (fantasy element)

23. Lumberjanes #10 (unexpected cover/not related to story)

24. Black Panther #2 (comic that's been in the news)

25. Captain America #22 (suggested by comic store staff)


So I'm liking bingo because it restricts, but not really.  I mean, like a FCBD book?  I've been meaning to read the Civil War II one, anyway, and it opens up to every publisher who's taken part. 


So, yeah, I'm having fun with these.   


ETA: I can't find reviews for 15: bottom of TBR list.   I have a really bad idea for that one, because, ugh, really scraping the bottom of the pile -_-   Sorry that it's not quite accurate, yet, but picmonkey isn't letting me change that.  I'll get to it soon enough.   Regardless, I have both a local comic and suggestion from store planned, and the bottom of TBR won't be a problem.  


I'll have this wrapped up later tonight.