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Confusing as all fuck, and then there's the plothole

Superior Iron Man (2014-2015) #9 - Yildiray Cinar, Tom    Taylor

Well, I guess jumping in for the last issue of a series right before Battleworld wasn't a good idea.   Still, I got the general sense of where the was going.   I'm just confused as to things got this bad.  I always liked Tony because although he had his heart in the right place  as far as saving the world in general went, he was blunt, brash, and charming because he did and said whatever the fuck he wanted.   He manages to be offensive, without being racist, although sexist seemed to be part of the package.   (Same reason I liked Gene Hunt in Life on Mars.)


I have to admit to like him best when Pepper can roll her eyes at how ridiculous he's being.   It sort of counters a little of the using women the way he does.   


Here he was just a big jerkface. 



And despite that all, he gloats about being too smart for Pepper, how he used her, and she sneers and postures back, and then he flies away.   That seemed rather easy.   I just didn't buy that her threats would drive him away so quickly, and if they did, well, that was weaksauce.  I like Tony because when he believes he's doing the right thing, he doesn't give a fuck what everyone else thinks - and that's what Pepper has   Her threatening to cut off his social circle also seemed weak: would the Avengers really turn on him on her word?  I'm not sure they would. 


But more than that, words defeated him.   He bragged that loud noises couldn't take him down, but guess what, it was softly spoken words that did it -_-


Weak.   Sauce.  


Also, kinda pathetic, and not at all the Tony Stark I loved - or at times loved to hate.   


I doubt I'll read this series if it's leading up to this.