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I don't even know guys...

Avengers: Ultron Unbound - Kris Renkewitz, Manny Clark, Dann Thomas, Vince Russell, Bob Harras, Dave Ross, Roy Thomas

Well, I had a hard time getting into the first story, but the second one won me over, even with all the WTF moments.   I mean, the story didn't make sense, and left me chuckling at the ridiculousness more often than not - but I now officially ship Vision/Jocasta.   (At least this version.)


Yup, Vision sleeping with his suddenly not evil stepmom just did it for me.  Go figure.   


That being said, where the hell is her waist?



It took me so long to figure it out - because she has no place for her internal organs.   Awesome. 


Deathcry had a major crush on Vision, though, so I kinda loved her for that point alone.   Her misunderstandings of English idioms felt forced, though, so did not like that. 


Really, not worth reading - unless you're a Vision fan.