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Did you want to read about the Punisher's vacation?

Punisher War Journal (1988-1995) #6 - Carl Potts, Carl Potts, Jim Lee

I didn't.   I.   Did.   Not.   Dear author, you have gravely mistaken why I read The Punisher.  Look, guys, I hate fridging as much as the next girl, but I'm okay with it in Punisher.   Because I like seeing Punisher tearing through the bad guys of the Marvel Universe.  No lie.   


So of course, when Micro suggests he slow down or die, I wanted to see him sent on a Safari vacation looking for dinosaurs.   (Because there totally aren't any in the Marvel Universe?   I guess this is a pocket of time where The Savage Land doesn't exist?  I mean, if the author wanted The Punisher vs. Dinosaurs, all they need is him crash landing in the Savage Land.   Even if Frank doesn't believe in dinosaurs, he could go up against the very real ones there.   And you could have had a very good excuse for him to meet up Wolverine - even fight him - without the convoluted poaching storyline because Wolverine visits the Savage Land all the time.)   


So, yeah, I was expecting something more from this storyline as it promised Wolverine vs. Punisher.   Like a coherent plot.   (And I get it, Micro, Punisher vs. Dinosaurs would be super sweet, but the Savage Land also has more dangerous dinosaurs, so you really fucked that one up.)


Or for Frank to be like, 'no, I'm not taking a break.  Especially not a vacation-y Safari in Africa break.'   Or at least he'd be like, 'what scum can I go after on this break?'   And of course Micro would face palm, but after spending this much time with Castle, shouldn't he know that Punisher doesn't take breaks.   OR VACATIONS!I just cannot even with this.   Not with the pygmies, the native bare breasted women which just sexualizes a stereotype or the white man bringing all his medicine and saving the people who can't save themselves while also admiring his knowledge of the local land.   Or them trying to see if they're hoaxing them by making them look at silhouettes and pick out which animal they've seen.   That's not insulting at all.   (They try to trick them by putting in real animals that don't live in Africa as well as dinosaurs, and also school them on how apes don't live there.   Because Western science beats living someplace, I guess.)


What the fuck did I just read?



Well, not proper English.   Did Weyth not ask you use all words, too?



I can't tell you how much I want to see actors yelling this out at each other.  I want them to be in character as Wolverine and Punisher.   This panel was the bright spot.   It shouldn't have been funny, but I'd read so much crap by this point that I started giggling uncontrollably at this point.   


"You'll get squat!"


That about sums up this issue nicely, too, so I think I'll leave you with that thought.