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Loving this epic reread!

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Vol. 4 - Andrew Griffith, John Barber

This is still my epic reread with Jessica.   I'm responsible for Transformers in her feed.  I am unashamed and unapologetic; these series are amazing, so she's happy and if anyone else reads them because of her reviews?  I'm taking responsibility for that too.  


Still not sorry.   Still not ashamed.


Also, this is also showing as never having been read before, which I know isn't true.   


Anyway, you thought things were bad before?   Well, throw one despot into the mix, and Cybertron boils over.   Well, that despot does have a plan to control of one of the most powerful weapons on the planet.  Does he care if he burns down half the planet, or tears through half the population  Why, no, no, he doesn't.   After all, what's a plant when he has a universe to conquer?


But the real beauty is the connections people make, how they use them, how they handle them.   The real beauty is in the resolution of plots that have been seeded throughout this series, and even party in MTMtE.  


And this ending left me shocked when I first read it, and I'm still in awe of the naiveté and stupidity that leads to the conclusion.    Then again, I can also understand why so many thought this was the best shot they had given everything leading up to this moment, and given that so many Cybertronians don't really know what Starscream is like. 


Looking forward to both MTMtE and RID volumes 5 before the epic crossover that is Dark Cybertron.