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The sick update

I wasn't feeing worse this morning. 


Two hours into my shift at work, I started feeling hot and cold and like I was going to pass out.   Or cry and pass out. 


One hellish trip to Walmart later - I couldn't find anything because thinking is hard, and there were issues at the cash register that were no one's fault - and I'm home.  I have tea, cough drops for soothing your throat, too because I've started barely coughing and with this sick just in case, Vick's because something in it soothes the patch on my face where it feels like my skin is cracking from the stuffed up nose, petroleum jelly for the same place because I needed some in the car before I got home because my face felt like it was dying, a three pack of lotion-infused tissues, cough syrup, two kinds of pain killers/fever reducers and some candy for food just in case I need it. 


I'm all over getting over this shit.  


I got up every half hour or so last night to blow my nose so I am tired, cranky, feel like crying out of frustration. 


I am going to sleep now that I figured out why some of my numbers in my reading challenge were off.  I was that upset that they were off.   I'm gonna put some TV on Netflix on low volume and hope I can knock myself out and sleep a little today.