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Champions (2019-) #3
Jim Zub, Jacinto Benavente


Hot Roddin' To Hell: A Charm School Novella - Joe Nazzaro at One More Time Editing, Elizabeth Watasin

I would read so much more in this series.   I don't usually buy novellas, but I would buy a whole run of these. 


I absolutely love this world, and if anything, these prose novellas prove just how much I'm still in love with, and in awe of, the world that Watasin has created.   It feels as slyly subversive and cheeky as it did when I first picked it up, cheerfully skewering so many comics that have come before, comics like Betty and Veronica, or even Sabrina, which were at heart full of wholesomeness.   (Arguably, Sabrina is more overtly controversial with the 'witch' aspect, even if Sabrina, and her predecessor, Bunny, are good witches.)   Except that Betty and Veronica would never consider cozying up to each other, and Bunny would definitely consider cozying up to her girlfriend, Dean. 


And thus Watasin cheerfully turns such standards on their head, and does it with a humor and warmth that charmed me from the start.   It continues to do so in this new form.   Not only does Watasin stay true to the origins of these characters, she makes the jump from visual media to that or pure words seamlessly.   It goes off without a hitch. 


Well, actually one hitch.  I really wanted to give this five stars flat and would have except the beginning of chapter three.   You get the three, an empty page, and then it starts of smack in the middle of a sentence: 


"poem or a song of a long ago time."


Location 494 for those with Kindles.   And I know it's not anything that important based on context.   I didn't lose any meaning as far as the overall story.  But I want to know what that said.   It annoyed me enough to put this down for a couple seconds, and then I plowed through.   And it was worth it.   The long awaited - has it really been nearly fifteen years? - last comic?   It's here.   It's not in the format I expected, but it's here, and it is glorious. 


It's the best ending I could have hoped for.   (I know there's another novella coming up, but this is the best ending for the comic series/this story that I could have hoped for.)


Loved it.   Highly suggested, even with that one hitch.