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Loved the stories, hated the bridge to the stories...

Avengers (2015-) #0 - Mahmud A. Asrar, Victor Ibañez, Kenneth Rocafort, Al Ewing, G. Willow Wilson, Gerry Duggan, Leonard Kirk, Gerardo Sandoval, James Robinson, Ryan Stegman, Mark Waid

This is a story each about the six - yes, six - new Avengers series coming out.  I'm only into two, which I've subscribed to already, but I figured that this had Vision on the cover.   Vision! 


And quite frankly, Uncanny Inhumans, as a bridge between Inhumans and Uncanny, was pretty important.  It went over some things that could be explained in the series, or referred to, but I feel like the stories were important.   Just like the two that I'm interested in will be: the stories about Vision and Deadpool went over some integral things, like why Deadpool will be an Avenger, and how Vision choses to cope with some trauma.   They feel pretty integral, and again, like things that could potentially be referenced and make sense. 


Having read both Avengers and Uncanny Inhumans zeroes I can say that, as a completist, I would have missed these.  More than that, a brief reference can't capture some of the emotional connection these stories made with me.   And yes, mostly Vision and Deadpool because those are the character I'm interested in anyway.   America Chavez's story?   I really dug that, a lot more than I expected.   It doesn't make me want to collect The Ultimates, but it was fun and funny.   


The bridge between these stories didn't make sense for me until the end.   And I kind of went, 'eh'.   That's why I knocked down the one star: the stories and art were great, but I didn't feel like the bridge scenes did anything.  In fact, I felt much more like these stories would have been stronger on their own. 


Still, a worthwhile read, especially if you're into the Avengers or want to start some of the new series.   You don't get bogged down with a whole team, either.   Each story is quick but focuses on one member of the team and gives them the attention they deserve.  


Vision's story was heartbreaking, by the way.   Beautiful, but heartbreaking.   I'm so eager to find out what's going to happen to him now.