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Well, damn...

Batman: A Death in the Family - Mike DeCarlo, Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo

So many feels.   First of all, this is pretty fucked up.   Like, Joker becomes a UN ambassador fucked up.   And for reals, that happens in this.   I mean, it was like the writers asked how gross they could make me feel, and then put all that stuff in there. 


But the worst is Jason Todd's mother.   See, he thinks she's dead, but when he is given a box of mementos including his birth certificate, he realizes that it was his stepmother who was dead.   His real mother may be alive somewhere!   


And, yes, there is an unnecessarily long and convoluted parallel storyline.   The storyline itself works quite well, I could just easily see them cutting half of the Batman chases the Joker storyline down and not impacting the buildup or the parts that pack the feels in here.   It also wasn't a bad storyline, in that I kept reading and I was flying through it all.  


Because Jason's real mother is a total fucking bitch. Like the way she reacts to some things?   They made me feel dirty.   Super dirty. 


And , hah, you were probably expecting a coherent review, when this is all flails and love.    And flails.


Because, damn, I read splatterpunk and this felt just as brutal.   Damn, damn, damn.  


PS - Thank you, Troy!   I loved this.   I'm glad I took your suggestion and bought it.  You might just convert me to the point where I'm a Marvel and DC girl yet :D