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Deadpool and Deathwish

Deadpool/Amazing Spider-Man/Hulk: Identity Wars - Al Barrioneuevo, Todd   Nauck, Lee Garbett, Juan Doe, John Layman, Todd Nauck

While there's a lot to this graphic novel, I'm gonna focus on my favorite part: Deadpool and his counterpart, Deathwish. 


See, when Spider-Man, Deadpool, and the Hulk get caught, and stuck in, an alternate dimension, everything seems amazing at first.   The Spider is beloved by everyone, super powerful, and Uncle Ben is alive!   Dr. Banner is the Sorcerer Supreme, and has banished the Hulk to hell! 


Um, Deadpool frolics with Deathwish, who seems to be... Deadpool.   And they actually do frolic.   



And then Deathwish uses Deadpool as the candy filling in a piñata.   Look, Deadpool calls it the best day afternoon couple hours of his life.  


Until the horrible things happen with that too, because apparently AUs like making me love them and then going, 'no, you know what, fuck you.'


And it's horrible, but amazing at the same time, and then they all go back.   But, look, Deadpool and Deathwish have bonnets!   And they look so happy going to their picnic, which probably went wrong in all the horrible ways things do when they involve Deadpool - and I'm assuming Deathwish. 


That being said, thank Primus they didn't go to museums.   Leave the art alone you too.   Also, libraries and bookstores are off limits, alright?


Look, it all made sense, it all was amazing, and there was frolicking.   There was frolicking Deadpool.   How can you not love that?