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Turned out much better than I expected!

Rue Britannia - Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie

But there's a story to go along with that.  I read the Wicked + The Divine, loved it, then bought this on sale without reading the .   Started this, really did not get into the nostalgia soaked Britpop storyline, still didn't read the synopsis, hated the main character right off the bat, and still didn't read the synopsis.   And I had this shame-filled moment that I'd wasted money on not only this, but the sequel as well.   Why, brain, why?


I put it away, and nothing else from Comixology was calling to me for this challenge.  So I figured I'd read this, right?   


Once you get past the opening, which probably would have been easier if I'd read the fucking synopsis, I found myself loving this, possibly more than the Wicked + The Divine.   


I usually don't break down reviews into categories except when I write six page reviews.  But I'm going to here, without the length involved. 


1. Main Character


David Kohl was surprisingly disarming: he was a dick, but he kinda knew it.   I found myself charmed by the way he admitted he made shitty moves, by the way he was aware that many people disliked him for his various faults, and how he owned those faults.   


More than this, these kinds of major flaws?   Made him more interesting than anyone from W+D.   I didn't find myself analyzing why I felt that way about characters in that series, and in this one, I constantly wondered why, and pieced it together slowly.   


He felt more full, more real even, to me, even with the magical system that's set up and that he's a part of.   When he admits he did shitty things because he didn't like himself, it's not that I liked him more for doing those shitty things, but, again, disarmed by his blunt honesty. 


2. The World 


The world has a little more mystery.   In W+D, it's told to you how the world works.   You know it's funky from the start, and you know all the rules.   While the storyline is well defined here, the world's rules not so much.   Why is there only a Goddess and not a God?   Is there a God we haven't seen yet?   


There's a bit to be said about 'less is more.'   And in this case, it works.   I knew how certain things would play out in W+D because I was told that was how it worked; without explaining to me how things work in this story, I worried more about David than most of the characters in W+D.   


3.  The Music


By grounding this with music that exists, it makes it a bit more relatable, as well as giving me bands to research if I didn't know of them.   It's just a nice little bone there. 


4. The Stakes


Reality is the stake, but only for David.   There's this dissonance of making it all-important, and not all that important at the same time.   It kinda blew my mind, in a way that W+D never has. 


And just a final note, I really do love W+D.   I just point it out in comparison here because a lot is different, and I think I like the differences here more than in W+D.   The other series?   Done by the same writer/artist team, and is amazing.   This is in black and white, so if you're addicted to color, at least start with W+D.   I think it works better for this series, though, as it adds to the nostalgia factor which plays a huge part in the story, as well as to the punkish feel of this world.   At least David's world. 


One half star off because the Comixology guided view won't let me see the glossary at the back properly.   It's too small for me to read :(