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A place even Deadpool won't go...

Deadpool Classic Volume 11: Merc With a Mouth - Mary Choi, Matteo Scalera, Bong Dazo, Victor Gischler, Rob Liefeld, Ken Lashley, Kyle Baker

Banging his lady self. 



And I'm not gonna lie, I thought there was going to be AU gender swapped incest.  See, this all starts with Headpool, a zombified decapitated head of one Wade Wilson from another dimension.   What could have easily been a mini-series turned out to be an extended miniseries: Deadpool is hired to get Headpool for A.I.M. although they don't tell him what the weapon he's going after is.   (Zombie as a bioweapon.   Gross, A.I.M.   Gross.)


He also doesn't realize that Hydra will also go after Headpool, as they also want to use Headpool as a weapon.   Still, he hooks up with hottie doctor Betty Swanson - his A.I.M. contact - to take the head in, and then realizes that this could kill everyone.   Including the people who make his life easier. 


And then shit gets real. 


Deadpool steals the head, intending to return Headpool to his home dimension.   Except then this happens. 



And then he makes out with Wanda Wilson, and they both go, nope, no, wrong even for us.   Which, hey, it's nice to know they'll draw lines in the sand, because otherwise it's a dirty, dirty free-for-all. 


The best thing about Headpool?   Not the zombies, actually.   It's that both he and Deadpool think alike. 



And this is another reason I'm surprised that the Wilsons - Wade and Wanda - didn't get it on.  


But mostly, thanks to the author for getting the voices right. 



Oh, voices in Wade's head, how I love you.   So, so much.   



Also, never ever tell Deadpool you like Jar Jar Binks or anything related to him.   So noted.   But the pop culture references made this volume so much more fun.   And you don't just get the run of Merc With a Mouth - thirteen issues of zombie-verse goodness - but you also get Lady Deadpool one. 


Lady Deadpool is fun because Wanda is very much like Wade, and as another bonus, written by a woman. 



So wrong, so hits the male entitlement in the nuts like a lot of Deadpool's social commentary does.  


Yes, yes, yes. 


Yes to all of this.   Onto Deadpool Corps, I believe.   Or Prelude to, as, yup, that's next in the Classic series.