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Fun mini-series that makes me want to read the tie-ins

House of M - Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel

Collects House of M 1-8


As much as I hate the Scarlet Witch - and this is Scarlet Witch centric - I really liked this mini-series.   After Scarlet Witch, in a grief-fueled fit, kills Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Hawkeye, and the Vision, she keeps trying to warp reality to get her children back.   Except that her children never really existed. 


So when Charles Xavier and Doctor Strange are unable to help her, and concerned about what her hex powers are doing to the world, they do the only thing they can think of: call together the X-Men and the Avengers to decide her fate.   That is, to decide what to do with her to keep the world safe.  Sedating her, or Charles psychically suggesting that she sleep, is only a very short stopgap, after all. 


Pietro, convinced that they will communally decide to kill his twin sister, goes to his father and begs him to do something, /anything/ to keep her safe.   When Magneto asks what Pietro expects him to do…


Well, it starts off with everyone waking up in a world where humans are the minority, with mutants the ruling class.   Everyone gets their heart’s desire so that they won’t question the world, or try to fight it. 



Except, apparently Gambit.   Unless you believe he really wanted to be a small time thief who gets caught in an embarrassingly  easy manner. 


 Most everyone simply accepts this as the world which always existed.  Logan knows, however, and when he finds a group of Sapeins fighting for human rights  he thinks he can do something to get back the world, the real world, the original reality.  Layla Miller, a child who can not only remember their original reality but make others see the truth, is amongst these Sapiens and she reluctantly agrees to help.    


After that, it’s a fight against the House of M(agnus) to get to The Scarlet Witch, and a race to find Xavier who may be able to help them set things right.  It was simply fun to see everyone get what they want, and to be honest. 


And the ending?   Ugh.   I really, really hate The Scarlet Witch.   


So much so that this panel amuses me: 



Everyone wants to kill Wand.   And I’m just kinda disappointed that they didn’t.   On the other hand, love Bendis’ writing and the art was amazingly beautiful.   So worth the read.