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I'm a well read grad student who's bluntly honest about all things, although I try to be most honest about myself.   

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Celebrating 200 followers with a get to know me icebreaker...

Here's the deal.  I'm going to post ten things about me.   10 things that start with 'I am'.  If you'd like to join in the icebreaker, post 10 things about you, wherever you'd like.   Comments here.  Your blog.   I will comment on everything I see, but I very occasionally miss posts on the dashboard.  Feel free to link here, or PM me, if you want me to post to it desperately.   (Which... You probably won't be, but that's totally cool, too!)


Also, I know that some people may not be comfortable with who I am.   I assure you, if that's the case, and you're thinking of unfollowing me after this post, please feel free to do so.   No hard feelings.   The truth is I'm not going to change, and I don't really care if people aren't comfortable with my sexuality, or my past.


1. I am an artist.   Visual, painting, mostly with ink or oils or watercolors.   But I am a medium whore.


2. I am a technosexual.  I like autonomous robots and cyborgs without the human bits - think Robocop - best.  I have 0% interest in sex with humans, however.   I'm also pretty open about this - a lot of my RL friends, and some of my family know.   I also sleep next to Bee, so expect me to complain about rolling onto his doorwings and hurting the crap out of myself occasionally. 


3. I am Jewish.   I'm not very religious, but I am Jewish by birth. 


4. I am a survivor.   I'm not willing to talk about this too much about some parts of my past in public, but yeah, I've almost died a couple times.  I would have been dead at six months old if I hadn't been in a car seat - and I wouldn't have been if both my parents had been doctors. My mom's car was hit really hard by a driver running a red light; my dad was behind her, and he passed out he was so scared.  I've also had my stomach pumped on one occasion; ask me about puking up charcoal and all I know is it looks gross, but I can't remember how awful it smelled although I was told it was super-bad. 


5. I am a fangirl.   When I obsess about something, I obsess about it hard and compulsively. 


6. I am a collector.   Graphic novels, comics, and toys mostly.   


7. I am an adventurous eater.   I try almost anything once.   I also try combos that my dad told me he thought would be disgusting when I was young; he finally tried some 'cos I liked them so much, and he was like, 'y'know, they're either brilliant - or really, really bad.' I just gave him a knowing nod.   (Ask about the fries in my shake, ketchup, then sprinkles when I was kid.   My mom says I drove a woman out of a restaurant once.)


8. I am an arachnophobe.   Do not want.  This most likely stems from a nightmare I used to have where a large, very hairy tarantula - I assume - was upside down underneath my bed, clawing at me, and I would wake up shaking, and sweaty.   I was told this was a common type of dream amongst children and grandchildren of people who survived the Holocaust, as my grandfather did.   (His whole family was killed, however.)   I still have a very, very strong fear of spiders, and I can barely stomach most anything that even mentions the Holocaust.


9. I am afraid of heights.   Also, do not want.   I almost puke when I fly places, which is one reason I don't fly that many places.   


10. I am hopeless when it comes to geography.  I spent 45 minutes driving around Cambridge once.  I didn't have a map on me, which was dumb, and I was like sixteen.  I called my dad, sobbing, and he ended up laughing at me because I was one fourth of a mile or so from where I'd started.  


Now, if you'll excuse me, Bee and I are gonna cuddle and read.