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I don't see the Dex-attraction

The Benson (Experiment in Terror, #2.5) - Karina Halle

Let's not kid ourselves - I wouldn't even if I wanted someone squishy to play with.   Because he's condescending - petting Perry, insisting that her weight problem is 'nonexistent' in a manner that got on my nerves, and is totally okay with putting her in dangerous situations.   


First of all, if she is skinny enough that her weight isn't a problem and she thinks it is?   That's not a 'nonexistent' problem.   It is a problem of perception, perhaps, but it's not as if it doesn't exist because he thinks it doesn't.   She does, so, he's very flippant towards her in that manner.  "'Perry, for the last time, stop acting like you weight one million pounds.   you don't.   You're as light as a feather.'"  


Ugh.   Because Dex hounding Perry like this will make her see the light.   


This is further illustrated by the fact that she wants the lights on for one scene of their show, he wants them off, and he asks her what she wants even though he's planning on doing what he wants anyway.   When she asks why he asks then, his response is that he wants it to feel like a partnership. Um, no, that's just condescending again, like smiling at her like she's a small, stupid child, and saying that he's taken her suggestion into consideration but the man knows best.   



Or like Megatron throwing an Energon cube at Starscream for giving his stupid, wrong opinion.   


Fuck you, Dex.   Fuck you very much. 



And while Halle had a chance to redeem the story by turning a cliched, tropey, token character into something interesting, she glossed this over and didn't give her an interesting storyline, or a distinct personality.   Nope, she was just there to fit everything together and give Perry some really sweet shots. 


The ghost/haunting storyline wasn't badly done, and I was actually really offended by the token character because I was taken in by the storyline and didn't see that twist coming.   I was still offended by the token character, but kinda understood, after all was revealed. 


And the weight issue turned me off a bit.   Perry is not okay with her weight, to the point that she makes this statement in the narrative: "Nothing like a hot woman to make two chubby girls feel like they're having a bonding moment."   Yeah, because two chubby girls would automatically hate and be jealous of skinny girls because everyone has the same standards of beauty and is as uncomfortable in their skin as Perry is.  


Come to think of it, fuck Perry a bit for that, too.


There are a couple of grammar fails, and awkward grammar, too. 


"They fall to my feat..."


"'...people actually tune into watch us.'"


"But I also know that even though someone is dead, is doesn't mean they're beyond help."


Overall, though, the editing was far better than most SPAs, and I did find myself reading on, actually eager to know what was going to happen despite my intense dislike for both Perry and Dex.   


So, mid-road, 2.5 stars from me.   I don't get it, but I'll try more of this series, if only because from what I hear, the author is incredibly classy, and doesn't respond to her reviews.   And, well, because there was something that kept me flipping those virtual pages!