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Would have almost rather read Avengers Vs. Nascar (Ramjet)

New Avengers / Transformers - Stuart Moore, Tyler Kirkham

So, apparently this is IDW because Bee's avie is a hot woman again.  That's the first tell, although Jazz's avie is the same from the IDW again, and I believe so is Prow's although I honestly don't remember what his was like. 


I remember this as being horribly cheesy.  




Why, yes, Bay, thank you for providing the visual!   


It wasn't, not really.   Like there were lines that made me laugh, like when Wolvie found out about the Cybertonian civil war, and he's like, 'giant robot space war, got it.'   And I snorted seltzer water out my nose.   But overall?   It just wasn't that fantastic.   Why wouldn't you get Furman - the Transformers write rod note at the time - to write this crossover?   It would be far, far better if James Roberts wrote it - but I don't believe he was really on the scene when this was put out.   And it's not quite fair.   I pretty much use Roberts - and to a lesser degree Barber - as my measuring sticks for Transformers fiction. They plumb the depths of the characters, bring you exciting stories that make sense according to that world, and produce amazing stories with twists that are so brilliant and that I didn't see coming.   I end up weeping for the characters even while reading the stories over and over again.  


This was a Doom/Decepticon/Autobot/Avengers clusterfuck that left me mildly amused the second time around, with me rolling my eyes most of the time.   Even if it wasn't as brilliant as MTMtE or RiD, if it had added anything to further the plot lines of the IDW-verse, or the characters, or something... 


Instead, it's everyone being their normal selves, and nothing much changing.   Yawn.   Still, besides the line that made me laugh, Carol Danvers mentioning the whole Starjammer thing and having what Megatron does to planets mesh with that universe?   There were some nice details.   


So three stars.   Only indulge in if you have to read everything with Wolverine, Transformers, or Avengers in it.  


First two?   Check them both for me.