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Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 2 Review

Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 02 - Hiromu Arakawa

This was four chapters that were all interconnecting in some ways; the first and fourth were more of a stand-alone than the middle two, but the first chapter ended in a way that led to the middle story, and aspects of the middle story bled into the fourth.   It felt a little more connected than the previous volume, so it gets an extra half star. 


I also felt the author/illustrator got a little more comfortable with the characters, and it was a little funnier as she got to know them better.   That isn't to say that they weren't well portrayed in the first volume, but merely that it's natural that as an author continues to write a series they become more familiar with their world and characters. 


Also, the first chapter has one of the most chilling story lines in the first two volumes.   I vaguely recall being chilled by it the first time I read it, but I also repressed it because it bothered me that much.   The moral questions presented were valid, but the scenario was just horrific.   Very rarely does horror get to me in this way, but this story just did.   It also shows the range this author has; she can go from this horror that makes her characters, and even me, cynical in one chapter to a final chapter that holds some redemption for the characters, and shows me as a reader that redemption is possible in the world she's crated.   


The richness and depth of the characters, and the world, are bolstered by this second volume, making the whole manga more intriguing as the shades of white, black, and gray are shown and explored.   And it's a whole range that's presented to the readers. What I'm surprised at - what I'd forgotten - was just how thought provoking this series was.   I guess it's because it's all placed behind an action-fantasy that my mind slipped into the 'oh, it's fun, but just that'.   It's not.   It's more, far more, and I'm loving how much meat there is to this series.