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Review - RiD Volume 4

Transformers: Robots In Disguise Volume 4 - John Barber

Forgive me.   This book has fucked my mind so thoroughly, this review may not be as cohesive as mine usually are.   What will you find in this book?   Impassioned speeches? Check.  Sexy poses?   Check.   Mindfuckery?   Check.   Plot twists I didn't see coming and that had my head spinning?   Check.  Megatron coming back from the dead - again?   Check.   (It's not a spoiler; he's on the cover.)


What do I say to this?   My emotions were toyed with mercilessly.   What the hell was going on?  I kept thinking I knew, but no… No, I didn’t.   And between the sexy poses, the trauma, and the happiness at seeing old characters return, I just didn’t know what was going to happen.   With my feels. 
What the hell, John Barber?   No seriously?   What in the ever lovin’ pit?   I love you.  And I hate you at the same time.   Because you make me so happy-sad-angry-turned on-confused.   
On the other hand, this is what makes this series so brilliant.   I don’t really think it’s been quite like this before though; it’s like Barber saved up all the frustratingly brilliant, truly shocking moments for this one volume.   Even the things that he revealed before - Prowl using Arcee as an assassin for example - pale in comparison to Arcee knowing she was being used in this volume.   And how!  

Prowl's plans come together in the black room, a place that sounds creepy and is, in fact, creepier than it sounds.   Trust me.   Wheeljack found out the hard way. 



Poor Wheeljack!   When he gets there, he finds out exactly what Prowl's been up to, and who his allies are - amongst them, the assassin, Arcee.   It's been a big question worrying away at me - what happens when Bee figures out what Prowl is up to?   Well, it's not good.   It is, in fact, far worse than I expected, and it leaves Bee feeling guilty.   Prowl is... not Prowl, you see.   He's exactly like Prowl, but under Bombshell's control.    And right before Megatron further's his own plans by using Prowl, subsuming his identity and consciousness to become the final part of Devastator, Prowl asks Bee 'how could you have not seen it wasn't me?'  


Ouch.   That's gotta hurt, and I hope that comes into play later; I want to see them confront each other about this. 


Also, here's where emotional-rollar-coaster comes into play.   How do you not get frustrated and upset in a 'I want to scream' way when Prowl seems to betray them?  How do you stay mad when you find out what really happens?   And how do I feel now?   Sad, I guess.   Sad, there's an aftertaste of betrayal lingering on my tongue, and angry and turned on and confused.   Because part of me thinks Prowl could have taken control given what happens at the end, and part of me thinks not.   Overall, though?   Mostly sad for everyone in this volume. 


Also, Starscream does something evil at the end.   God, he's such a dick.   Such a sexy, sexy dick.   (Yes, I know how that sounds, and I don't care.)  Also, I felt so bad for him when everyone abandoned him.   Then he turned out to be a dick, and exiled, like, everyone from Iacon.   See?   Dick.