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Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer (2018) #1 (of 2)
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SUICIDE SQUAD #46 ((Regular Cover)) - DC Comics - 2018 - 1st Printing
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SUICIDE SQUAD #45 ((SINK ATLANTIS)) ((DC REBIRTH )) ((Regular Cover)) - DC Comics - 2018 - 1st Printing
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Champions (2019-) #3
Jim Zub, Jacinto Benavente

So that's fun

I knew I was going to lose friends over reading books that are considered taboo.  I didn't realize just how fast. 


So I hate hypocrisy and double standards.   If you're going to demand that people censor books that are considered taboo, let's do it for EVERYONE.   Mein Kampf?   Off the table, because it's offensive to a lot of groups of people, including Jews. 


If you're unhappy with the fact that I am angry about Jew hate on the left, then I hope you're okay with policing how other minorities talk about the racism directed against them.   If they're allowed to be angry and hateful and can't be racists even when they're yelling bigoted things at other groups, then you accept that about Jews.   But I am no longer willing to smile when people pat me on the head and tell me to wait, Jew hate will be dealt with eventually, shhh, just be nice about it.   


The women's march leaders STILL associate with a man who called Jews termites.  I see no reason to be nice, or not hateful to them.   These women are worthy ONLY of my contempt, and I will read whatever shit they tell me not to read because I DON'T TRUST THEM AND I DON'T TRUST PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T DISASSOCIATED FROM THEM.   So, yeah, if you call me hateful and disassociate from me while loving nazi lovers, that's fine.   I don't need you in my life. 


I'm sick to my stomach that my choices are Democrats or Republicans.  Call me when someone who doesn't hate me for being Jewish comes up.   But fuck, I spill my guts about being afraid to be openly Jewish, and I'm dumped on.   YOU WOULDN'T TREAT ANY OTHER MINORITY THIS WAY.   NONE OF THEM.   Jew hate is everywhere.