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Just finished packing what I need to

I've either been on my feet working or physically moving stuff for my apartment the past couple days.  I'm pooped.   Took a shower, hand washed my new Guardians of the Galaxy dress from Redbubble to wear tomorrow for my first day of school, and I know what bus I'm taking. 




I'm gonna nap, then pack for school, then dinner, then maybe nap/sleep?   I dunno...   Probably fit a beer and a movie in there somewhere and if I'm lucky, I'll clean up more.   I do have some more stuff in my old room that I need to pack and some comics downstairs, but I've been told I can deal with them later. 


I'm excited, and nervous.  I think I do better living with other people, but as a pretty extreme introvert, I also get overwhelmed.   This whole living alone thing might make me super depressed, or energize me. 


I'm excited about the small things.   Like if I have to race to the bathroom, I no longer have to worry about closing the door so someone doesn't walk in.  I can rewatch GotG volume 2 three times a day and not worry about people getting annoyed as fuck.   (Yes, sometimes I finish a favorite movie and rewatch immediately to pick up on small things I didn't the first time around.   Also, I like it when Rocket's a cute, furry asshole to everyone, so that, well, that never gets not funny...)


I did manage to leave two of my favorite lipsticks at home - I hope.  I melted my Trippin' - pale lavender - in LA because I am dumb that way sometimes, so I need to replace that.   Replacing the other two can be done at the same time, but I'm going to wait and see if I can find them where I think they are.   (Also a mascara.   I suspect I know what happened, but right now the panicking about small things is keeping me distracted from the large sense of being alone alone alone that could potentially overwhelm me.   It's how I deal.)


Now to nap.   My mom is adorable.   She bought me lunch for a week and packed it in my kitchen.   (The benefits of having awesome parents who live nearby and also have key to your apartment and the invitation to come whenever they want.   She is also gleefully planning since we discovered a nearby open market.   I'm apparently getting fresh made jellies and jams.   I'm like 'you don't have to!' and she's all like 'but I want to!'  


She also dumped all my stuffed animals - Rocket, Lockjaw, Vision, and the raptor - on my bed, so I was like, yes, just where I want them!


Anyway, quick nap.   Or looking for Rocket Raccoon artwork... that's what I want next.