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Excellent start

Anonymous Rex: A Detective Story by Eric Garcia (1999-07-27) - Eric Garcia

While this is an excellent start to what I hope turns out to be three excellent books, I had my issues.   The thing is this is fun.  A lot of fun.   The concept is dinosaurs have lived into the modern world - with sixteen different species surviving.   (Mad at the science of species?   Don't blame me: this is what the author calls them.   He might not be so wrong at this point: since they've all evolved into human-sized, bi-pedal animals, the impression I get is that they're far more similar in this novel than they were back in the day.)


Vincent Rubio is a Velociraptor - and also a PI.   This uses a lot of noir tropes - from what I understand, although I don't read much noir - but also turns them on their head due to this world.   The changes seem to have to do a lot with how the fact that dinos - and yes they tend to call themselves dinos - fit into this new world. 


With his partner dead, Vincent Rubio has become so obsessed with the solved case - Ernie's death was a tragic suicide, according to everyone but Rubio - that Rubio has become a drug addicted mess.  And blacklisted by almost everyone.   When a final chance to become solvent lands on his lap, Rubio has to try and focus on a burned down club.   Was it arson to get insurance money?  Was it burned down because of malice?   Was it simply an accident?   Rubio's case takes him across the country, to the place where Ernie died. 


As he continues to purse the case, a human woman, and what appears to be a much more complex case than before, he also sidetracks into solving Ernie's case.    


Like I said, it's fun, but there are problems.   The whole 'dinosaurs were the minority so they just hid from humans' doesn't track: it seems like their evolution into human sized would be slow and I'm not sure they couldn't have just crushed humanity, like killed them off.   But they're better than that, you say?   They literally are so scared that humanity will try to wipe them out that they hide away in latex suits.  At some point, they would have had the chance to destroy humanity - and considering that carnivores did survive to this point, I'd think they'd push hard to hunt down and eat all the meat. 


And the latex suits.   Snouts fit into them, but the bones in snouts do not work that way.   You have to accept it, and I did eventually, but I wish the author had went with the holograms in Anonymous Rex, the movie - which seems to be mostly based of Causal Rex, although I haven't finished it, although it may have used plot points from Anonymous Rex. 


So a mix of good and bad, but enjoyable enough that I now own the Anonymous Rex/Casual Rex omnibus and Hot and Sweaty Rex.