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Story based on a post

On babies and parenting.


So I got honey from this kiosk in the mall.   They are selling this honey stuff you put under the eyes, and then it burns like fuck, and you keep it on two nights a week.   (You will not believe the price.)


The woman putting it on me was talking to me about multiple topics, but to try and get me to buy it?   This conversation happened after I told her I wanted to work with an archive that dealt with original comic book art:


Her: Do you have a boyfriend?


Me: No.


Her: Do you want a boyfriend?


Me: No.


*I expected her to ask about a girlfriend, and she didn't.   At some point between these two conversations, I show her Bumblebee as my boyfriend in the Transformers comics and Viv saying I loved her father, who was junkless and it was awesome*


So, a little later on, she's asking e about my future.   It looked like this: 


Her: Do you want babies?


I'm pretty sure I looked horrified and also so grossed out I wanted to vomit a little. 


Me: No!


Her: But then what do you want to do with your life?


Me: Read comics and work with comic book art.


She was very confused.   And it was like she couldn't conceive that I would want to do anything with my life BUT HAVE BABIES!!!!


Because apparently wanting babies is what makes you a woman, or feminine, or whatever?   It's your life goal, girls!   


I was almost laughing because I couldn't conceive of my life goal as wanting to have babies. 


Oh, also, I finally asked to wipe the junk off, because, fuck, that shit burned.   And then she's like 'it's nine hundred dollars do you want to buy it?'


And I mean, she was clueless about women not all wanting to have babies, but nice, so I laughed, and said 'nine hundred dollars to make under my eyes burn twice a week?   No, thank you, I don't care how smooth it makes my eyes look!   But I hope you find tons of folk who are into that.'


By the way, I told my dad this story and his immediate response was 'why is she asking you this?'   I was like 'I don't know!'  I suspect it was 'oooh, won't your boyfriend love your smooth, smooth under eyes.'   (I kinda question why he's paying that much attention to right under my eyes.   The pressure on women to look perfect is insane.)   But so is the pressure to have babies.   It's like so many of us are conditioned not only to think we want it, but that all women do.   Like what the fuck is a woman going to do with her sad, sad babbles life?


(I can travel on a whim, don't have to clean up diapers or vomit or other gross things that come out of babies, can sleep when I want, all night long because that's how I party at night, and on and on.   I can read comics all day long on my days off.)


Anyway, I said that not loving babies but wanting them made sense, especially after having had this conversation.   We are conditioned to coo over babies.   I thought something was wrong with me for a long time for not wanting them.   I can understand not liking babies, but wanting them because so much of society says it's a must have accessory for a lady.   I mean, clearly the lady I was talking about was of the opinion that lady parts were only good for making babies?   


So anyway, I was laughing all the way home over this.   Like she was so confused.   Just typing up 'but what are you going to do with your life?' I laugh.   Poor, nice lady who was so super confused by me...