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Currently reading

Man Without Fear (2019) #5 (of 5)
Danilo Beyruth, Kyle Hotz, Charles MacKay
Man Without Fear (2019) #4 (of 5)
Danilo Beyruth, Kyle Hotz, Charles MacKay
Avengers and Thunderbolts
Pierce Askegren
Progress: 19/288pages
Savage Dragon Archives Volume 6
Erik Larsen
Spawn Origins, Volume 4
Greg Capullo, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri
Progress: 25/160pages
Permanence du discours sur Israël
Juliette Lichtenstein
Anti-Semite and Jew: An Exploration of the Etiology of Hate
Jean-Paul Sartre, Michael Walzer
Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman
Progress: 64/608pages
Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948
Tanya Reinhart
Progress: 44/304pages
Vision in Silver
Anne Bishop
Progress: 38/400pages

Series I need to catch up with/what I have caught up with

I'll probably update this post during the month and by then I'll have hopefully caught up.   After that I may do a week by week 'this is what came in/things I have to read that I'm not currently subscribing to' post.  I'm counting anything since July 4th as things I've caught up with, by the way.


I've caught up with: 



1. Champions

2. Daredevil

3. Deadpool

4. Spider-Gwen

5. Batman

6. Lockjaw

7. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

8. Inhumans (Judgement Day and Death of mini-series)

9. Cosmic Ghost Rider

10. Cyborg


Need to catch up with: 


1. The Punisher

2. Runaways

3. Moon Knight

4. All-New Wolverine

5. Descender

6. Spawn

7.Lost Light

8.Optimus Prime

9.Requim of the Wreckers

10.  Unicron


I'll add more titles even if they're stuff I bought as a one-time purchase or after a series ended rather than stuff I actively buy later on if the to-read list gets too short.  I like knocking reading off a list - makes me feel productive even if I'm just deluding myself - so I want this list to stay long rather than short.  I'm thinking I'll keep it at twenty to thirty titles, knock it down to five, add fifteen to twenty five more.


ETA: 7/7 8 AM: Going to go for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, The Inhumans, Lockjaw - only one issue in that - and then probably Descender, Saga, and I Hate Fairyland - which I don't have all of right now.   We'll see after that.


ETA: 7/10: I'm going to focus on the Spawn, Descender, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and Empty Zone today.