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Dying yarn updates


My first full batch, in the sun. 


Next, I tried a whole bunch of smaller batches in a super light weight yarn.  I wanted to play around. 




Overall, I've been finding my pace. 


I did a couple other batches in one day: smaller experiments in a super white cotton - the cotton really, really takes the color - and two nicer wool.   I still need to keep the colors a bit separate, but I got a blue/red and a red/yellow/green - vision, yay! - that look super nice.   I'd like the blue to come out brighter, but from what I understand, blue is notoriously hard to take.  I do like what I have. 


Notes: I still got some red in the yellow, just little spots.   I'd like to clear that up, but my technique is so vastly superior this time around, I'm a little shocked I'm catching up this quickly.   I'd also like to figure out how to make the colors brighter up even more.   I think I suspect I know how, and won't manage until September.  (I think I need to let the water run through the excess dye without squeezing it out after they're heated, and then let them dry.   It's just tricky until I have my own place.)


I also put the colors too close when in the oven: a  little yellow got into the blue, turning into green.   So not perfect, but such minor issues I'm going to dye for a blanket soon, in sets of two, I think.   


I also didn't burn the yarn - I did, but didn't realize how badly until I spun it to start knitting, and it's so brittle it breaks a bit when I'm knitting - or felt it, like I did before.   So my heat-setting technique is also vastly superior.   I sprayed it with water when it was in the oven every now and then.


I also experimented with kool-aid on the cotton and I will not be doing that again: I do not like how the colors come out.   Now to find a brighter red dye for my Vision, and I'll be happy.   I also need to find a less expensive source of dye, since it's super expensive. 


I'll post pictures of the next batches when they dry, possibly tomorrow.   


I also knit one skein and am halfway through another.   I can go over them each in a post, if you guys want.   Some of the people I'm friends with are yarn/knitting people and some are not. 


Oh, I also got blood taken earlier and the woman who took my blood said something about my knitting.   I'm now knitting her a pair of gloves.   


Lemme know what you think: do you want updates, or is this just gonna be a huge PITA? If enough people go 'naw', I probably won't bother with more.   If people like but don't say 'naw' or say 'yes, more', I'll keep posting.