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All New Fathom Vol. 5
John Ercek, Erick Arciniega, Mark Roslan, Alex Konat, Beth Sotelo, David Wohl
Pocket Apocalypse
Seanan McGuire
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Apex Magazine Issue 99
Allison Mills, Rebecca Roanhorse, Pamela Rentz, Mari Kurisato, Raymond Sturgis, Jason Sizemore, Daniel Heath Justice
Ann Leckie
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Transformers Robots in Disguise: Where Crown City Comes to Life
Caroline Rowlands
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Avengers: Absolute Vision - Book Two (Avengers (1963-1996))
Brian Garvey, Jimmy Akin, Roger Stern, Steve Ditko, Carmine Infantino, Al Milgrom, Prentice Hall
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Deadpool Classic Vol. 20: Ultimate Deadpool
Kelly Doudna, Mark Bagley, Brian Michael Bendis
Altered Carbon
Richard K. Morgan
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Batman (2016-) #40
Stephen King, Jordie Bellaire, Joëlle Jones
(First Signet Printing) the Mossad Inside Stories: Israel's Secret Intelligence Service Paperback By Dennis Eisenberg and Dan Uri (1979)
Dan Uri, Dennis Eisenberg

Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 400 pages.

Raven Stratagem - Yoon Ha Lee

I'm tired, and more art came in for me: I'm planning on getting up early, picking it up and getting it to the framer, who has one piece for me.   (I've already had them do three pieces, one being done currently and I have two more left.   I'm giddy about this small collection I have!)


I want to continue, but there's just so damn much stress right now.   I want to curl up and cry and puke some times.  (A coyote ran in front of my last night while I was driving at night, and I panicked, thinking I'd get into an accident, too.)

So, yeah, gonna sleep.   Gonna relax tomorrow, and get a couple things done that I need to do, but mostly relax and read.  


I'll eventually catch up on reviews, too, but I'm reading like mad for the Hugos right now.