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Thanks for the well wishes and update

My sister is on the phone now, up and about.  No serious injury that we no of so far- aka no head injury and no apparent back or neck injury.  


Someone coming home from work got really tired, fell asleep at the wheel, wandered into her lane and hit her head on.   She is really, really lucky that she wasn't more injured.   The car may be totaled, but no one gives a fuck so long as she's okay.   We're teasing her because another car got towed and totaled after another accident where she got hit.   (My mom was in the car, so this confirmed.)


There are bruises and might be a break, but there's no confirmation so far.  We're probably going to go get x-rays, but she's hungry so the priority is dinner. 


That's really all I know so far.   It hurts seeing the bruises, but we're all thankful it's not worse.