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Raven Stratagem - Yoon Ha Lee

I have zero idea what's happening during the fights, but I also don't give a single fuck.   Unlike, say, Bayverse Transformers which would be nothing without the explosions because the characters aren't as rich and complex as you'd like, and the plots aren't great, this one has a lot of character work that I love, and there's enough politics that I do understand to make this compelling. 


Lee could very easily be accused of sloppy, or lazy, world building and I think I've read a couple reviews that have made a good argument for this. 


I don't read it that way myself.   Lee seems to realize that while he could describe the details of the fights by a calendrical system, it would be so complex and mind numbingly dull - like those and he begat who begat who begat sections of the Torah - that it wouldn't be worth it. 


I don't understand, but I"m also okay with that because it's not the crux of these novels.