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Deadpool Classic Vol. 20: Ultimate Deadpool
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I swear these will be the last for a while



Because these were less expensive than the other Dinobot art.   I expected them to be the same price, and figured on getting one, but these two and S&H were less expensive.  


I also brushed off my rusty Spanish with the help of Google.   I think the artist was pleased that I made the attempt, because he's from Spain and I get the impression most Americans don't. 


I also got a bit of a price cut since I bought direct and not via eBay this time.   I made the connection via eBay, we took it off, and tada, two new pieces. 


Jessica is being a huge enabler.   So, my bank account is like 'no, Jessica, *groan*' and I'm like 'permission for more art!!!!   Just what I didn't need because I'm giving myself all the permission anyway because stress!'  


I won't be buying books other than comics for a while, though.