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My dad was like 'no' to the ER

Instead I met him and this amazing nurse who took my heart rate and blood pressure.   He told me that he wasn't worried, gave me some advice, and told me to call my doctor back which I will tomorrow.  I also need to see about framing the Witch and V, so I may get that done after I speak to the doctor's.   


So, yeah, I'm like I dunno.   I had to walk around and go up some stairs, and I was like *so tired, dies a little*   But I literally leaned over some chairs at my friend's place and we're going to watch some TV.   I do kinda feel like puking, though, because it's tiring having your heart race bounce around and when it goes too high, I feel a little sick.   


My heart rate is back to normal and I plan on avoiding stairs as much as possible for the near future. 


For now?  More TF.  While I watch some Safe.