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Transformers: The IDW Collection, Volume 3 - Guido Guidi, Klaus Scherwinski, Robby Musso, Marcelo Matere, Alex Milne, E.J. Su, Emiliano Santalucia, Simon Furman, Stuart Moore


Why is Prime such a fucking pill?   Hates.   I really would read the crap out of a comic where Grimlock just stomps on him, though...


Going back a bit for stuff I missed: 



This panel is just hot.   



The art in TF/New Avengers was pretty bad, but I like this take on Bee's Avatar.   Oh, yeah, when he introduced her earlier, everyone just called her she.  If I remember correctly, at some point he explains picking a female avatar because it seemed less threatening and he needed to be able to negotiate more.   I could be horribly wrong, as I was with Arcee: I remember them specifically stating that male and female inputs - as opposed to the singular male before Jhiaxus messed around with her - was driving her crazy, but it's more implied.   


Anyway, yeah, Bee never identifies as female - even when using the female avatar - nor is he bothered by people assuming he's female.   That's his intent and he's comfortable enough in his own skin not to get prickly about it, too.   I just think what they were doing with gender was pretty amazing given that this was like ten years ago in a comic book about what was a children's franchise at the beginning.   I'm surprised, and impressed, that Hasbro has been so progressive, encouraging the same-sex marriages between Cybertronians later on, too.   And of course, IDW is amazing for publishing this all.