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Transformers: the IDW Collection, Volume 2 - Klaus Scherwinski, Nick Roche, E.J. Su, Don Figueroa, Simon Furman

So, I had a friend I wrote a couple fan-novels with before the relationship went down the drain and she was ripshit about what happened to Sunstreaker about this time.   I was very excited when I was first reading it: that rush of excitement, not knowing what was happening and wanting to know so badly. 


I'm blowing through these because they're fun and exciting, but not as well plotted, not as charming and not as thought provoking as phase two. 


I'll probably rate most of these phase one collections two and a half stars, but they're way more fun than I remembered for all their faults.  


Still, woof, there's a lot to get through before this universe implodes.   I'm... actually not sure what's happening to it, but I've got it stuck in my mind that it'll implode so I'm calling it that.