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My brother thinks my life revolves around his

It does not. 


It was shocking for him to hear me reinforce this, and insist that something be done on my terms.   He's supposed to be leaving the apartment by September, and said he'll know by mid-July.   Uh-huh.   Too late for me to move.  I'll have homework, mom wants me to start painting again, I'll have one, possibly two jobs.  I can't ping pong, I can't do maybe or maybe not, I can't have it by mid-July.  I need to know now.  I need to start panning .


Let's not forget that he told me I could find and move into an apartment in ONE MONTH while in the break for my graduate school and working last time we had this argument. 


No, fuck that, he'll have to deal with mom and dad if he wants to stay, but I am not dropping everything so everything can revolve around his life AGAIN.   Not after he almost killed me by lying to me and giving me that migraine where I almost got into a fatal accident.  Nope, nope, nope.   He also told me I was limiting myself to which I said, no, you are, you can't blame me for not getting your shit together.   I have shit to do, and I can't do the homework earlier; mid-July is when it comes in, and yeah.   I can't drop everything.


Fuck that noise.   I'm not moving, again, but it relieves a lot of the guilt: my mom wants me to move, but could also really use me at home.   I've had so much guilt about that factor of moving out, so I dunno how I feel about all this.