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I need a hate watch

Transformers: The Last Knight is happening.  They had it on blu-ray at the library and I've heard there's a cute baby Grimlock - from someone at work, and I believe from Mallory's brilliant review that tore this apart.   I also feel like laying down and reading comics while the TV is on because my dad thinks I fucked up my back.   My hip hurts like crazy, but not while I'm standing or sitting - unless the position twists my back to the point where it hurts.  So I'm going to be watching new Bay-verse - gross - and reading some comics and laying down on my stomach so I don't mess up my back more. 


I'm mad about: things happening in my personal life, stress about school, anti-semitism in the woman's march, particularly from Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour who regularly praise Farrakhan - without denouncing, or even admitting, that he is such a hateful bigot. 


I don't want to be mad anymore.   Hatewatches tend to do that: I laugh because they're so bad, and something like this isn't going to be hateful to the point that I get angry again.  No, it's just going to be some really bad dialogue and what the fuck is Merlin doing in this?


I"m going to try to read something I enjoy without being mad at Marvel, but they insist on slipping Captain America or Nick Spencer into everything.  


Oh, yeah, by the way, Ta-Nahesi Coates is writing Captain America.   I'm torn: I'd like to read, but I love Coates, even more so since I hear him give an interview and realized how intelligent he was on his feet - but I'm still mad about Marvel gas lighting us about Hydra not ever being nazi-associated and not directly confronting that exact topic.   I'm still one-half starting all things Captain America shows in, or that Spencer and writers who currently work with him/co-write with him, work on so... I'd end up half-starring the new Cap series as my form of denouncing their silence.   It's not much, but it's what I can do.