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Danilo Beyruth, Kyle Hotz, Charles MacKay
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Fun, but I had issues

Archie: The Married Life Book 6 (The Married Life Series) - Fernando Ruiz, Paul Kupperberg, X.J. Kennedy, X.J. Kennedy

Because this is about Archie and the gang as adults, it gets a little more serious: a shooter targeting gay people, Kevin Keller as a senator, Cheryl Blossom has cancer, and the list goes on.   It's still a bit too cutesy for my taste, but I enjoyed it more than I expected because of some of the adult subject matter.  Again, a lot of it was a little too pat and cleanly dealt with and some of it was more nuanced than I'd expected, without those easy answers. 


I had another major problem: this was one issue of Archie Marries Veronica, then one of Archie Marries Betty.   Then back to Veronica, and then Betty.   It feels like a cop-out to have Reggie the fall back for each of the girls, although Jughead's path is somewhat different.   He own the Chocklitte Shoppe in both continuities, but the circumstances are vastly different. 


Each continuity is quite different, in fact, and I had to remind myself that something that happened in one didn't in the others because of this flipping between the two.   It would have been a much, much smoother read if all the Veronicas and all the Bettys had been lumped together. 


Still, way more fun than I'd expected!