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Disney Movies Anywhere

It's changing to Movies Anywhere, but the good news?   Video services like Vudu where you couldn't download your movies?  You can connect to that, and to iTunes via Movies anywhere, they'll show up on iTunes, and you can download them.  So far, Power Rangers is the only movie that doesn't show up on Movies Anywhere, since it's Disney, Sony, 20th Century Fox and a handful of others.   (I still can't find my digital code for Logan, but, eh, I do't watch that very often because it makes me incredibly sad and can trigger my anxiety and depression.   But it's a fucking fantastic movie, so this is probably good: I'll end up watching something less depressing and not feel so sad.)


So I started connecting.   iTunes first and Ghostbusters and Ice Age showed up, so I started going, 'they'll notice and take them away.'   Still, I connected Vudu.   Jason Bourne, The Lego Movie, and Big Hero Six showed up.   (And just yay: Big Hero Six will be watched today for Baymax.)


So I was really bummed out.   They were going to take it away from me, and how much time- and oh, a couple minutes of searching showed a five movie promotion.   You get Ghostbusters and Ice Age for linking up to one other retailer and Bourne and Lego and Big Hero Six for hooking up to a second retailer.   Great deal if you've got two separate accounts.   (Vudu, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.   I hooked up everything but Play since I don't have that, but a third or fourth retailer doesn't get you more movies.  The free Kung Fu Panda showed up on Movies Anywhere from Amazon so I figured that much was worth a quick linking.)


Also, I lost my student ID yesterday and bless the kind soul who turned it in.  I was too bummed out to swim much, got out of the pool and got the e-mail that it was turned in.   For now, back to the pool!  I think I'm going to buy dinner again because I feel like something hot, though.   I'll probably do Savory Chinese Food Truck - it seriously has a sketchy name like that, an A rating from the health inspector, and delicious orange flavored chicken that wasn't that gross, heavy stuff that I adore from Chinese places.   I know it's awful, but it's so delicious!   Anyway, this was a far healthier alternative.  Maybe a salad from Bolocco, and maybe a bowl from the school diner which is delicious and inexpensive.   Yum!   I'm trying a lot of those out lately. 


Anyway, I'm off.   Oh, right, I broke my cheapie headphones and invested in some nicer ones.   The guy promised they would be really nice, and he seemed to know everything about headphones.   So I'm going to try them out today and he works near me, so I'm going to let him know what I think on Saturday.   And then I'll try not to cry because three big projects are due again this week and I think I'm a taaaad behind.   But I got most of the hard research done for my paper, so writing and editing shouldn't take too long.