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The Organization of Information (Library and Information Science Text Series)
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Uncanny Avengers (2015-) #26
Sean Izaakse, R.B. Silva, Jim Zub
Information Resource Description: Creating and Managing Metadata
Philip Hider
Airplane Photography
Herbert E. Ives

Some good news

I think I aced my first paper for one of my classes, which shocking because I thought there wasn't enough analysis.   (You had to describe something first, and that took up waaaay more pages than I expected.   Some editing, cutting down, rewriting to make it shorter, more analysis, and apparently I got a 100% and a really positive comment from my professor.   Yay!)


I also caught up on Gotham, which is good news for me because I love that show and it's a way for me to unwind.   I do need to find my Optimus Prime charm which broke - so it wasn't on a piece of ribbon or anything - but the good news is that it was the one that I had barely any inclination to wear.  I'm going to look a little in the next two weeks, then try not to worry about it, because my old strategy was to freak out immediately and not stop until I had definite answers.   So progress which is more good news.   


I also got to read some more comics on Sunday and I think I'll go review them now.