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The Late Great State of Israel: How Enemies Within and Without Threaten the Jewish Nation's Survival
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I scored a locker!

Limited, and my first book is a frickin' brick.   Interesting, but a brick.  I'm going to leave it here tonight as I don't need it until tomorrow and in fact I need to focus on online reading/0-point assignments like putting up a picture and proving I can use Dropbox and tags online tonight.  I may leave a couple other things here, but nothing of real value: electronics, wallet, etc, coming with me always.  


And yeah, I was called paranoid for locking my room in a small little college: 300 students, from freshman to seniors.   People laughed and laughed - until someone got his laptop stolen.   So, yeah, thanks, I'll continue to be paranoid. 


Also, going to hit the bookshop soon and get at least one piece of Simmons swag.   Shirt, or sweatshirt, or hat or something.   Just because I kinda really want it.   I need to do things: find my googles for my swim/outting bag - yeah, I'm going to have bags just in case I go swimming or get asked somewhere overnight/want to brush my teeth on campus/etc - and make these bags since some of the bags and pouches just came last night.   But other than that, I'm already ahead on reading to be honest, so I should be all set for this weekend.   (AKA the time I work.)


Going to hit the bookstore now, and then a haircut.   Then the comic store, to finish up shopping for my fandom box and for college - I want to get more cough drops for my first aid pouch, get some headphones to listen to movies while I study because it's how I study best*, and some Avengers Kleenex from Michael's.   Then classes start tomorrow.   And I'm still super worried.