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I've never changed a Transformers toy before

Yeah, they stay in the boxes.   I got an opened TFA (Transformers Animated) Grimlock who just semi-secretly happens to be one of my favorites.  I always wished Blackarachnia treated the big lug better!


I also spent six months trying to track down that toy, as I did with Ultra Magnus.   (I finally found both, but yes, they are safe in boxes.  I would have bought two Grimlocks to open one, but I wasn't going to spend another six months looking for one!)


So i finally has one, and he came without transformation instructions.  I was told this but was like no worries, I can find tutorials online.   (Transformers fans put them up on youtube.   They review the toy, transform it, showing you how, and grade it.)


I took my keys out of my bag and should be looking for it to go to school event.   (Not classes, but an event I want to go to.)   Instead I've spent a couple minutes turning Grim from alt-mode - dinosaur - to robot mode which obviously robot.   So he can hold his flaming sword.


I figured it out on my own.   From what I gather, he's one of the easier toys to change but still somewhat proud of myself.   Lookit me.   Getting into grad school, changing robots on my own.   Go me.