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I'm not sure what the fuss was all about: I don't think the negative reviews were completely trustworthy.  Or maybe I'm not?   Maybe I just got too emotionally invested?


I actually really liked Gorgon, and I thought Triton could have been done better makeup/CGI wise.   (This was a TV show, not a movie budget, though.)   Medusa's hair was the worst CGI wise, and, yeah, cringe-worthy.   Even this worked at times, like the sexytimes scene that made me wanna barf because I have human-sexytimes issues.   


I had more issues with Auran - why use her since they revamped her into a completely new character - and with a plot twist involving Medusa and another involving Maximus.   I'd have more problems with a more problematic script, but overall I thought this was okay.   A teeny bit slow moving, but overall, it caught the general characters/world quite well. 


I thought it was fairly gorgeous in how it was filmed, and so I really liked this a lot!  I'm looking forward to the show, now.