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Information Resource Description: Creating and Managing Metadata
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Uncanny Inhumans (2015-) #0
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Cosplay cover variants I got on sale as a continued celebration of school. I ordered and got the new Novik: the fanfic isn't in color, but it has tons of AU since Novik said she loves AU.   Super excited and going to read League of Dragons and that... um, eventually?   Maybe during a break?


My two Black Bolts protecting my Inhumans ticket!   Cuties. 



Surprise haul.   Deadpool, and two assorted Marvel pin sets, as well as a Marvel appliqué, and a Periodic Table of Superhero shirts.  I also got some Spider-Man eggos since my dad made fun of me wanting them, and then felt bad, but I was ordered to put those in the freezer.   They'd been waiting for me outside in a bag for a bit, so my parents got worried.


Not sure what I did to deserve such amazing parents, or this, but yay!


Also, please note my dad asked about the shirt, who everyone was, and was mostly appalled and slightly proud of how fast I rattled those suckers off.   


Now to try on the shirt, because medium and everyone's convinced I need a large which is what I get for eating all my feelings of stress as school gets closer. 


So.  Many.  Donuts.   I am appalled and not at all proud of that fact. 


ETA: the medium fits.   I'm happy, but slightly disappointed.   I mean, what good are donuts for then?