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Saga Book One: Deluxe Edition
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Batman (2016-) #40
Stephen King, Jordie Bellaire, Joëlle Jones
(First Signet Printing) the Mossad Inside Stories: Israel's Secret Intelligence Service Paperback By Dennis Eisenberg and Dan Uri (1979)
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Vision: The Complete Series (Vision: Director's Cut (2017))
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Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars Prose Novel
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G.I. Joe (2013-2014) Vol. 2: Threat Matrix
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The Big Girl's Guide to Buying Lingerie: A Cowboy Love Story (Bluebonnet, Texas Book 4)
Amie Stuart
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Starting Out with Python (4th Edition)
Tony Gaddis
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Loving this

Daredevil (2015-) #22 - Charles Soule, Goran Sudzuka, Mike Deodato

Daredevil takes the stand.   If he can act as a witness without having to unmask himself, then both he and Matt Murdock know that other heroes can as well.   The theory is that now they catch the villains and dump them on law enforcement and hope they can make a case.   By acting as witnesses, they can take a more active part in putting people away without leaving this to chance, or placing such a burden on the police, the FBI, or whoever is trying the case.   


It's a gamble, and one that it doesn't look like Murdock will win at first.   Because criminals have money, lawyers, and resources, and they're trying to do everything they can to stop Daredevil from being a fairly anonymous witness.   


Not as full of punching as some superhero comics, but I like how much thought is put into the system and how superheroes would work in a real life legal system, especially those who remain anonymous to protect themselves and their loved ones!