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Kesha was raped by Dr. Luke, and I can't imagine that this is about anyone but him.   I was wondering how she was able to put this out, but Dr. Luke's contract expired with Sony and he's no longer the CEO of Kemosabe, with whom Kesha has an exclusive contract.   (Praying is put out with Kemosabe, but Dr. Luke is not credited as the producer.   And I should probably mention that Kesha says Dr. Luke was emotionally abusive, and that he called her fat constantly, to the point that she was seeking medical attention for her drastic weight loss.)


This song is haunting.   Kesha gets a bad rap, but her voice is just angelic in this, and I'm glad she's coming out with a new record.  I loved her down-n-dirty, pop stuff, but this shows just how much she's grown as a woman and artist.  


I'm so sorry about what she had to go through, but I'm also glad she fought back and can put out more music.