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""I've reported for months on end from the rocket-battered Jewish communities of the Gaza Stip and the war-torn Israeli-Lebanese-Syrian borders. I've stood in the trenches during massive nationalist priests and Israeli evacuations of Jewish homes. I've observed form the plenum intense Knesset sessions and have entered the viper's den of Palestinian terrorism, conducting extensive in-person interviews with some of the world's most dangerous jihadists."


From the introduction of The Late Great State of Israel.  So I took a whole bunch of books on Israel from the library, because I'm so disgusted by how people act like hamas is either a legitimate government and not at all terrorists - and they use resistance fighters or something like that to blind those foolish enough to believe these lies - or that Gaza is somehow not connected to hamas.   Yes, let's just ignore that people voted for a group with the openly stated goal of destroying Israel in their charter.   What good, good people!


I took a couple of that aging, increasingly delusional man Jimmy Carter, who's simply gotten more anti-semitic as he grows older.   He cries tears for Gaza and Palestine, while dismissing the attacks by Palestinians on Israeli citizens.  I'm going to try to have an open mind, but I doubt I'll be able to - but when the author is an unrepentant anti-semite, well...


I took another book that is even more openly anti-semitic, but I doubt I'll stomach getting to the end of that book.  I took a beginners book on the Israeli-Palestian conflict just to brush up on the basics.   (Which I don't know nearly enough of as a newly self-branded zionist, which I'll  get back in a moment.)


I took a couple books on the history of Israeli, and a Joan Rivers autobiography - she was a great friend of Israel - and David Bowie biography for when the anti-semitic bullshit gets too much for me.   


I've become zionist for a couple reasons.   It's become clearer to me that much of the world, including amnesty international and the united nations - more anti-semites who aren't worth capital letters - are determined to put an end to a Jewish state.   More disconcerting are the Jews who call for 'zionism to be over' so that Palestine can take over. 



This is the same Rabbi, yeah, Rabbi, who cried about Israel not allowing her entry for supporting BDS.   (What she doesn't tell  you is that she, and her group Jewish Voice for Peace, support and honor unrepentant murdered Rasmea Odeh, who placed a bomb in a Jewish supermarket, killing two Jewish students and injuring nine other people.)   Also, is it any surprise that hamas, the terrorist group that controls the government in Gaza supports BDS, which wishes to dismantle Israel?   As someone pointed out to me, if she tried that in the US, she'd be considered a traitor!   If she openly stated she wanted to dismantle the US government?   


Or let's point out that Rabbi Wise is queer and that queer women, queer people, and women are all treated better in Israel than in any Palestine run space?   And yet, she takes the side of those would want her killed, for multiple reasons?   There's a term for people like her when they're fictional: too stupid to live.   Sometimes it's because they can't string together a coherent sentence, which Wise can, if only to lie on behalf of what seems to be her creepy Palestinian fetish.   But in most cases these characters show some type of lack of survival skills.   In fact their decision making is so poor that one wonders how they survive throughout a whole novel.  


Rabbi Wise is making some incredibly poor decision making in which she adores the people who would want to see her dead - for being a Jew, for being queer - that she helps them instead of her own self interests, or the interests of her own people.   And for those who think this is an exaggeration, read this NYT article in which a hamas commander - and prominent one - is killed after accusations of theft and gay sex.   


Sorry for the rant.   Back to the book.