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Torn on Humble Bundles, robot sale, and Uprooted

I started Uprooted again for my BR with Jessica.  I'm only a couple pages in but I've seen enough anti-semitism on Twitter to become a zionist.   (Which ties into this because I spent a lot of today out with my dad for his birthday, and I spent some time pointing out that hamas are terrorists.   Like nazis, I refuse to give hamas the time, energy, or dignity of a capital letter.   My spellcheck infuriates me by insisting hamas is spelled wrong but is with a capital letter.)


I should be able to read quickly, skim for a while if needed, and I'm going to find out how far she is right now.   


Also, I'm torn.   I kinda wanna spend one dollar and get the first tier of Doctor Who RPG books.  I also kinda wanna spend $15 on the fandom and philosophy books.  I think I'll sit on the Who books, and probably not end up getting any.   I'll wait until the next weeks release to see if I want the fandom and philosophy books, I guess!


 I also need to indulge in the Delcourt robot sale although I'm probably only going to get a limited number from that.   Comixology has the Dark Tower sale as well and I'll get some Jae Lee illustrated books from that, maybe.


For now, I'm digging back into Uprooted for now.