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I'm not answering this question anymore

And I'm deleting any further comments about this subject.   "Oh, heroes are recast as nazis.   What's your specific problem with this?" 


It's well documented on my blog.   You can do a search.   Because they're recast as motherfucking nazis.   It's especially galling when you ask me after I point out that my grandfather's whole family was killed by nazis in my original post.  


So I'm going to explain here.   I've had ten years of nightmares because of this generational trauma.   I hate nazis.   I just fucking despise them.  I don't care why they became nazis, or want to sympathize with them, or even particularly want to read redemption arcs about them. I prefer my nazis to be pure villains, not superheroes in the original continuity, and in the best of worlds they were get horribly, horribly injured.  Fictional nazis?   Yeah, I want to see them hurt.  


Questioning people about why, after this kind of trauma, they have problems with this puts them on the defensive.   It's just incredibly frustrating and maddening and I'm not dealing with it anymore.   Beyond the obvious, beyond me making it clear my line is nazis are evil, it makes me defend the position that I don't want to read about heroes recast as nazis which is just crazytown bananapants.   Much like my 'nazis are evil' stance, my 'I don't want to read about heroes turned into nazis' seems like it shouldn't be questioned - but it is again and again. 


And listen, I'm not saying DC and Marvel don't have the right to do this.   I'm not trying to get other people to stop watching or listening or reading.   Whatever.   They are big boys and girls and they can make their own decisions.   But we all have our lines.   How this is not an understandable line for me given my family history is just unfathomable to me.   Stop questioning me, stop making me defend this position.   It shouldn't need defending.