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Hopefully final update

That ditz who invited me to the party, then had someone sent out to say she wouldn't see me, should come and try to make amends about the threat.   But she won't, because she probably doesn't know.   My mom is going to have a neighbor tell me who the dude who threatened me was. 


Meanwhile, she doesn't want me to contact the police - so I won't.  I think they turned the party down early because I told them the police would be called if it went on past nine.  I have such a drunk-headache I want to just sleep. 


I'm going to try after this episode of Dr. Who that my dad and I are watching.   My mom is pissed off she just left the beach earlier after what that dude told me.  I doubt anything will happen anyway, so it's just nice to put that picture out. 


ETA: Feel free to retweet his picture, by the way.